Why Money Can’t Define a Marriage

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A Sacred Partnership

Marriage is an equal partnership between two human beings that love one another and share a special emotional bond. It is a bond that lasts for the rest of the couple’s joint life together. However, it seems that it only takes a minor setback to completely deteriorate certain marriages, such as a lack of communication, a financial hardship, or lustful interest in other possible mates. 

The worst type of marriage a person can have is one that is solely defined and driven by monetary means. Possessing exorbitant amounts of money does not necessarily make a marriage last longer; it actually seems to have a negative reaction with any relationship. Money changes people and, in some ways, for the worst. There are problems associated with both acquiring too much money and acquiring too little. 

When a married couple experiences a financial setback, fear pervades throughout the household. “What if” scenarios stream through their minds, and they begin to lose hope in their struggle and faith in one another. In many cases, fear will materialize into anger over small, trivial issues, such as making a questionable purchase or cutting back on certain luxuries. This anger is the direct result of a lack of communication and the inability to work together and solve the problem. 

Communication Is The Key

Communication is the key to any marriage, and figuring out how best to deal with financial hardship requires the pair to iron out the details and plan a strategy to escape it together. There is no alternative to old-fashioned communication in this situation. Married couples must learn to not allow a lack of income or debt to ruin the love that sparked their partnership in the first place. People need to remember what brought them to this point and what they can do to improve the situation in the future. 

Money Can Corrupt a Relationship

A married couple that receives an unbelievable amount of money can yield the same results. Unlike a couple struggling to make enough money, an affluent couple may experience problems that range from a lack of compassion to the inability to communicate effectively. These marriages, like ones of financially devastated couples, have only one concern: the amount of money in their bank account.

This situation is a bit different because the couple has absolutely no concerns with life whatsoever. Money tends to corrupt people, and it would not be uncommon to find that this type of couple communicates little or not at all throughout the day. Communication and affection is the key to a lasting marriage, yet a couple that fits this description does very little to keep the flame ignited. A marriage with financial setbacks can come together to solve the problem, but a couple in this situation would slowly begin to drift apart. This does not happen with all rich couples, but it is always another issue marriages should steer clear of.

Money should not destroy the sacred bond that epitomizes a marriage. A couple needs to realize that money is not everything in the world; a marriage is a bond between two living things, not three. Finances are not living things, but in the most extreme cases, money speaks a lot louder than the voices of the two people. This scenario can take place when a couple has too little or too much money. Money can pay for a house, buy a nice car, and take care of bills; but it cannot pay for eternal love. 

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