3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

By July 22, 2020 July 31st, 2021 No Comments

Hiring a criminal lawyer is not an exciting thing. In fact, it means that you are in a whole lot of trouble. Together with a tainted record, and large fines, you could end up in jail. As such, it only makes sense to hire a professional who can defend you and undermine the charges that you are facing. To ensure that you choose the best criminal lawyer for you, here are three pertinent questions that you should always ask:

•    How much experience do you have?

A corporate attorney cannot defend you in a criminal case. To beat your charges, it is best to choose a criminal lawyer who has a track record in the criminal field as well as the legal education experience. While every attorney will tell you that they can handle your case, only a few can represent you successfully. As more than 90% of cases end with a plea bargain, your potential lawyer should also be able to negotiate with prosecutors. If they have never dealt with your specific case type or won a trial, you should reconsider.

•    What is your honest assessment of my case?

A majority of criminal lawyers will offer one or two free consultations to familiarize themselves with your case. During this period, it is best to ask their honest assessment. Inquire about your odds, whether they will accept the first plea bargain or go to trial. It is better to hire an attorney who will fight to the end in comparison to one who does not believe in your innocence.

•    What is your legal fee?

The most reputable criminal lawyers do not come cheaply. While you want the best defense possible, you should choose to work with a lawyer whose legal fees you can afford. If you are not able to pay a retainer or extra fees, then your lawyer reserves the right to drop out of the case. Thus, you should understand the legal fees that you will pay as well as the preferred payment method. Some lawyers accept payment plans while others need an upfront payment. When you iron out payment issues in the beginning, it will be easier to focus on the case without any disruption.

Do not be afraid to ask the right questions as this will enable you to make an informed hiring decision. Hopefully, you will never need this information. But if you ever find yourself in a legal predicament, you should always do your due diligence. Never feel obligated to hire the first lawyer you talk to. Do your research and hire a professional who is ready to go to war.